Why Agora CBD?

Why You Should Buy Agora CBD Products

Agora CBD processes their oils and Relief products much differently than any brand on the market. We use custom made Industrial Chromatography in our extraction process. This equipment has been built specifically for our needs to separate all the parts in the hemp plant, then reunite them in an array found to be the far most beneficial products, for homeostasis.

After this process, we micronize the product so that absorption can be at a maximum level with optimum health.

Most CBD producers, would rather skip this process, opting to use CBD Isolate. Isolate is produced by cutting down fields of hemp grown like bamboo, chemicalizing it by melting all the essential terpenes, waxes, flavonoids, omegas, vitamins, and more, away. This only leaves the single cannabinoid, CBD intact. To compare, using CBD Isolate would be like running a new Rolls Royce engine, on a single spark plug.