Oil 1oz Bottled with Dropper 500 MG


Lemon Flavored!


When it comes to the human body and extracting Agora Terpenes oil, not all oils are optimal for the efficacy of homeostasis. Being harvested for various
purposes, most hemp extracted for Agora Terpenes oil can contain farming contaminants, residual chemical pollutants and are likely to contain only 25 - to
35% active Terpenes following the extraction process while the Agora Agora Terpenes™ product extraction contains 60 - 80% active Terpenes.

Agora Agora Terpenes™ proprietary oil is tested pure from residual solvents, is grown without the use of pesticides and chemical sprays and contains a Agora Terpenes
rich generation of uniquely strained hemp. All product are Non-GMO.

Using state of the art chemistry, Agora Agora Terpenes™ oil is broad spectrum, completely free of THC and contains 80% active Terpenes in the oil following
the extraction process.


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